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Frequent Traveller program

The traveller who travels regularly on services of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. can get a Frequent Traveller discount until the 10th of April 2019. Every 5th journey will be assured free of charge for those who participate in this program and fulfill the conditions.

The essence of the Frequent Traveller program:

After having bought four pieces of tickets of the same kind (for the same destination) and in the same type (one way or return) every passanger can get the fifth ticket free of charge. The tickets bought can be of full price or of age discounts.

Conditions of the Frequent Traveller program:

  1. The passanger has to have Frequent Traveller ID and Card issued by VOLÁNBUSZ at the time of purchasing the ticket. (VOLÁNBUSZ do not longer issues Frequent Traveller ID-s therefore only ones issued earlier can be used)
  2. The discount can only be applied for tickets purchased in the international ticket office of VOLÁNBUSZ. 
  3. The fifth and free of charge journey must begin within one year from the first registered departure in the Frequent Traveller Card. 
  4. Further discounts are usually not available except FlixBus publishes some.
  5. Participating lines and cities:

Applying for Frequent Traveller discount:

  1. Your journeys bought having the Frequent Traveller ID will be registered on the Frequent Traveller card at the international ticket office (single journeys as well as return journeys will be registered on separated cards). 
  2. The 5th (free of charge) ticket can be picked up at the international ticket office due technical reasons only on workdays between 8:30-16:00. By filling in the rubric for the 5th journey the ticket office changes the Frequent Traveller Card to a new one by drawing in the old one. The 5th and free ticket cannot be modified!
  3. Asking of registrations into the Frequent Traveller card after buying a ticket as well as requesting the free journeys is only possible until 10/04/2019 (for cities fulfilling the conditions and available in the system of FlixBus at the day)
  4. The claimer acccepts that when using the Frequent Traveller program his/her personal data will be handled by VOLÁNBUSZ according to its privacy statement.
  5. VOLÁNBUSZ reserves the right to modify the conditions of its Frequent Traveller discount without further notice.

Further information:
Budapest, Népliget coach station.
Travel Center:

on phone: (36)-1-382-0888 or (36)-1-219-8086