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You can use the following services on board of our coaches: 

- free internet via WIFI connection
On more services you can find free internet via WIFI connection. In case a password is also required to connect you will find that on board of the bus written out as well as the drivers can give you information about that. 
Services where this service is available: 

The drivers try to take into account the requests about the temperature of the inside of the coach so that it would be convenient for the generality of the passangers.  

- toilett 
We ask you to use the onboard toilett in case of really urgent and "minor" things only.  
The coaches will stop in every 4-5th hour at places where you can access a toilet.  
In some countries the operators are obliged by the authorities to keep the toilets closed therefore we ask you to request the key from the driver in case the toilet is closed and after use handle the key back to the driver.  

-reclining seats
To ensure you a comfortable sitting the coach has reclining seats - with the exceptance of the back row.  
Before tilting the seat we ask you to make sure you won't disturb your fellow passanger sitting behind you.  

- seats abductable to the gangway
The seats by the gangway side are abductable so by using this feature you can enlarge the distance between the seats.  
We ask you to pull back sour seat to its original place to ease this way the usage of the gangway. 

- footrests
Under the seat before you fottrests can be found which usually can be adjusted for 2 heights so that you can place your foots conveniently.  

- butterfly-table
On the back of the seat before you there is a butterfly-table on which you can place small or light things (for example newsletter, book) during your journey. 
We ask you not to put heavy things on the table as well as we suggest to keep beverages in lockup bottles. 

We hope the above services will appeal to you. In case you should have questions or request during your journey do not hesitate to contact the drivers.