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Information About Data Protection

The Act CXII dated 2011 (hereinafter referred to as Info Act) about the information self-determination right and the freedom of information flow provides regulations about the protection of personal data. Personal data may be subject to management for specific purposes, exercise of rights and the fulfilment of obligations only. 

Personal data may be treated if:

  • the person concerned consents, or
  • it is ordered by the law upon the purpose of public interest by the local municipality  - in a defined circle by the authorization of the respective law.

Data submitted to our Company constitute data service based on the contribution of the provided data. With respect of the above, we treat personal data in accordance with the paragraph 6. §. (5) of the Info Act:

  • For the purpose of the fulfilment of the given legal obligations or for validating the legitimate interest of the data manager or any third party, the data may be managed and treated even without separate contribution and also after cancellation of the party in question.

The data concerned can be learnt by authorities and courts in accordance with the provisions of legal regulations.

Our company is also authorized for data management by the Act XLI of 2012 about passenger transport services as well as the Act CVIII of 2001 about certain issues concerning the electronic commercial services and the informational society.

The legal basis of data management is accordingly the contribution and approval of the party concerned as well as the legal authorization indicated above.

The aim of data management in course of the performance of the passenger transport contract is the identification of persons and the fixing, identification regarding the availability of entitlement for travel allowances.

The data may be registered until the limitation of the civil right claims, which limitation period is 1 year.

With respect to the data

  • information can be requested about the treatment of personal data
  • correction of the personal data can be requested:
    • if the personal data doesn’t correspond to the reality and the personal data is at the disposal of the  data manager
  • the deletion, locking of the personal data – with the exception of compulsory data management – can be requested:
    • it is to be deleted, if
      1. its treatment is illicit;
      2. the concerned party so requires;
      3. it is incomplete or false – and this state can’t be resolved – provided that the deletion is not excluded by the law;
      4. the target of the data management has been ceased, or the deadline of data storage, defined by the law, expired;
      5. it has been ordered by the Court or the Authority;
    • instead of a deletion the data controller locks the personal data, if the person concerned so requires, or if on the basis of the available information it is presumable that such deletion might hurt the legitimate interest of the concerned person. The personal data, locked in this way, can exclusively be treated so far until the purpose of the data management, excluding the deletion of the data, exists.  

The person concerned may turn to the Court in case of violation of his rights. The Court shall acts out of turn. The evaluation of the lawsuit can be launched before the tribunal of the residence or staying address of the person concerned.

Beyond the legal process everyone is entitled to initiate an investigation at the Authority for National Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C., hereinafter referred to as: Authority) referring to the fact that the violation of rights has befallen in connection with the management of his personal data or there is risk of the existence of same. Parallel to a court process the Authority is not entitled to make any action. 

Notidication regarding data protection can be made, furthermore information can be requested at the availabilities below:

  • E-mail address:
  • Postal address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői St. 131.
  • Phone No. +36-1-219-8000