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Munich is the wealthy capital of Bavaria, hosting the world-famous Oktoberfest; it is one of the friendliest German cities, full of beer gardens and beer halls. Well being radiating throughout the city is no accident – Munich is the most hard-working city of Europe. It owes its economic success to local giants such as BMW and Siemens. However, the city’s bohemian and industrious image is coupled with elegance and culture.


Bus Service Info

VOLÁNBUSZ's partners run bus services to Munich several times a week. You can board the buses at Népliget Bus Station Budapest, which is easily accessible by public transport.

Ticket purchase

Tickets are available at: 

Timetable and stop in Munich

    Valid until 31/10/2019    
1, 3
Dortmund line
2, 4
Dortmund line
19:30 19:30 BUDAPEST 08:20+ 08:20+
21:15 | GYŐR | 06:25+
06:00+ 06:00+ MUNICH 22:30 22:30
    Stops  1,2,4,6
Dortmund line
Dortmund line