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With about 9 million tourists visiting Paris a year, the romantic capital of France is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. And, this is not at all surprising. The city abounding in architectural miracles, world-leading museums, upper middle class cafes and ultra-chic shops rightly sees itself as Europe’s grandest metropolis. The city got its uniform image in the 19th century, thanks to Baron Georges-Eugéne Haussmann’s urban planning measures.


Bus Services Info

VOLÁNBUSZ's partners run bus services to Paris several times a week. The buses depart from Népliget Bus Station Budapest, which is easily accessible by public transport.

Ticket purchase

Tickets are available:

Timetable and stop in Paris

Valid until 31/03/2019
3, 5  Stops  
15:30 BUDAPEST 12:20+
17:15 GYŐR 10:30+
via Slovakia, Austria, Germany
06:15+ STRASBOURG 22:00
08:30+ METZ 19:30
10:50+ REIMS 16:55
13:15+ PARIS 15:00
  Stops  5, 7